97 Best Subscription Box Ideas You Can Start Today

97 Best Subscription Box Ideas You Can Start Today


Subscription boxes have taken the world by storm, offering consumers the convenience and excitement of receiving curated products delivered straight to their doorstep.

With a plethora of options available, there’s a subscription box for nearly every niche and interest.

In this article, we’ll explore various categories of subscription boxes and provide you with 97 ideas you could start today to create your own successful subscription box business. So, let’s dive in!

Why Start A Subscription Business?

The subscription box industry is a growing trend.

Perhaps the most common question subscription business owners hear is ‘What’s your churn?’ And that basically means how many customers have dropped out of your monthly box and how many new customers have you recruited?

If the churn rate is low for your subscription business then that means your business model is working.

Each monthly box has new customers, whilst at the same time retaining its current customers.

Whilst the income is not passive (unless you’ve outsourced the entire creation of your monthly boxes), it does allow you to predict cash flow and plan ahead.

The reason that a subscription business is such a popular business model for startups is that, if your monthly delivery is of great quality, customers will keep their subscriptions running and even recommend it to their friends.

There’s also something really cool about monthly shipments arriving at your front door.

A Themed Box Arriving at Your Front Door is Fun

Categories of Subscription Boxes

Food and Beverage Subscription Boxes

These boxes cater to foodies, providing a range of gourmet treats, snacks, and beverages from around the world. They can also cater to specific dietary preferences or restrictions, making it easier for customers to find products that suit their needs.

Health and Wellness Subscription Boxes

Focused on promoting health and well-being, these boxes typically contain products like vitamins, supplements, fitness accessories, and self-care items to support a healthy lifestyle.

Beauty and Grooming Subscription Boxes

These boxes feature a variety of skincare, makeup, and grooming products, often providing customers with new and exciting items to try each month.

Apparel and Accessories Subscription Boxes

These subscription boxes cater to fashion-forward individuals, delivering stylish clothing, shoes, and accessories to update their wardrobes.

Hobbies and Interests Subscription Boxes

These boxes target specific hobbies and interests, such as crafting, reading, gaming, or outdoor activities, providing a curated selection of items to fuel customers’ passions.

Home and Living Subscription Boxes

Focusing on home décor, organisation, and lifestyle items, these boxes help customers create a cosy and welcoming living space.

Kids and Parenting Subscription Boxes

Designed for children and their parents, these boxes offer educational toys, books, and activities, as well as items to support parents in their journey.

Tips for Starting a Successful Subscription Box Business

  1. Identify your target market and create a unique selling proposition (USP).

  2. Research your competition to understand the market landscape.

  3. Decide how regularly you are going to send your box out. Will it be a monthly subscription, a three-month subscription or a six-month subscription?

  4. Curate high-quality products that appeal to your target audience.

  5. Develop a visually appealing and user-friendly website for your subscription box business.

  6. Utilize social media and other marketing channels to promote your subscription box.

  7. Offer excellent customer service to retain subscribers and attract new customers.

  8. Constantly analyze and optimize your business strategy based on customer feedback and market trends.

Food and Beverage Subscription Box Ideas

Food and beverage box subscription models work very well because products have a shelf life
  1. Gourmet snacks from around the world: This subscription box brings a selection of delicious snacks from various countries, allowing subscribers to explore global flavours from the comfort of their homes.

  2. Organic and natural food products: Curated for health-conscious individuals, this box features a range of organic and natural foods that support a clean, environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

  3. Speciality tea and coffee: Tea and coffee enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of premium, handpicked teas and coffees from renowned sources around the world with this subscription box.

  4. Vegan and vegetarian meal kits: This subscription box offers carefully curated vegan and vegetarian meal kits, providing subscribers with convenient and delicious plant-based meal options.

  5. Gluten-free and allergy-friendly foods: Specially designed for those with gluten sensitivities or allergies, this box contains a selection of gluten-free and allergen-friendly foods that cater to specific dietary needs.

  6. Artisanal chocolate and sweets: Subscribers receive a collection of handcrafted chocolates and confections from artisan chocolatiers, offering an indulgent experience for those with a sweet tooth.

  7. Wine, beer, or spirits subscription: This subscription box caters to alcohol enthusiasts by delivering expertly-selected wines, beers, or spirits to elevate their drinking experience.

  8. International cuisine meal kits: Featuring easy-to-follow recipes and ingredients from various countries, this subscription box allows subscribers to explore and recreate authentic international dishes at home.

  9. Baking and dessert ingredients: Perfect for baking enthusiasts, this box provides subscribers with unique and high-quality ingredients, tools, and recipes to create delicious baked goods and desserts.

  10. Health-focused smoothie and juice ingredients: This subscription box offers a selection of nutritious ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables, and superfoods, for subscribers to create their healthy smoothies and juices.

  11. Spices and seasonings from around the globe: Subscribers receive a curated assortment of exotic spices and seasonings from different cultures, inspiring them to experiment with new flavours in their cooking.

  12. Gourmet popcorn and movie night snacks: This box delivers an assortment of gourmet popcorn flavours and other movie night snacks, enhancing subscribers’ at-home movie-watching experience.

  13. Protein-packed snacks for athletes and fitness enthusiasts: Designed for those with active lifestyles, this subscription box features high-protein snacks that support muscle growth and recovery.

  14. Keto-friendly foods and snacks: Catering to those following a ketogenic diet, this box contains low-carb, high-fat foods and snacks that align with the keto lifestyle.

  15. Plant-based protein products: This subscription box offers a variety of plant-based protein products, such as legumes, nuts, and meat substitutes, for individuals looking to incorporate more plant-based proteins into their diet.

Health and Wellness Subscription Boxes

Health and wellness is a great subscription box idea. Wellness is a growing trend.

  1. Yoga and meditation accessories: This subscription box delivers high-quality yoga and meditation essentials, such as mats, blocks, and guided practices, to support subscribers in their mindfulness journey.
  2. Fitness equipment and workout gear: Catering to fitness enthusiasts, this box includes a variety of workout equipment, gear, and accessories to help subscribers enhance their exercise routines.

  3. Essential oils and aromatherapy products: Subscribers receive a curated selection of essential oils and aromatherapy items, promoting relaxation and well-being through natural fragrances and therapeutic properties.

  4. Vitamins and supplements: This subscription box offers a range of vitamins and dietary supplements tailored to subscribers’ health needs, supporting overall wellness and nutrition. If you sell vitamins – there is a market.

  5. Mental health and self-care items: Focused on mental well-being, this box contains items such as journals, calming teas, and self-care products to encourage subscribers to prioritize their mental health.

  6. Holistic wellness products: This box provides a variety of holistic wellness items, such as crystals, energy healing tools, and natural remedies, to support subscribers in their pursuit of balanced well-being.

  7. Eco-friendly and sustainable living items: Subscribers receive a selection of environmentally-friendly products, like reusable bags and biodegradable household items, to help them adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

  8. Stress relief and relaxation products: This subscription box delivers calming items, such as stress balls, soothing scents, and relaxation guides, to help subscribers manage stress and unwind.

  9. Sleep-enhancing products: Curated to promote better sleep, this box contains items like sleep masks, calming teas, and essential oils designed to help subscribers achieve restful slumber.

  10. Healthy cooking ingredients and tools: This subscription box offers subscribers a range of nutritious ingredients, recipes, and cooking tools to inspire and support healthy meal preparation.

  11. Natural personal care items: Featuring all-natural and chemical-free personal care products, this box provides subscribers with eco-friendly alternatives for their daily hygiene routines.

  12. Herbal remedies and homoeopathic products: This box delivers a selection of herbal and homoeopathic remedies, supporting subscribers’ health and wellness through natural healing methods.

  13. Mindfulness and gratitude journals: Subscribers receive beautifully designed journals and guided prompts to encourage mindfulness, gratitude, and self-reflection practices.

  14. Clean beauty and skincare products: Focused on clean and non-toxic ingredients, this subscription box offers a variety of beauty and skincare products that prioritize both efficacy and safety.

  15. Immune-boosting supplements and remedies: This box provides subscribers with supplements, herbal remedies, and health tips to support and strengthen their immune systems.

Beauty and Grooming Subscription Boxes

Subscription services offering beauty and grooming products are growing increasingly popular
  1. Skincare products for various skin types: This box offers a selection of skincare products tailored to subscribers’ unique skin types and concerns, promoting healthy and radiant skin.

  2. Makeup and cosmetics: Subscribers receive a variety of makeup products, including both classic staples and trendy items, to help them create their perfect beauty looks.

  3. Haircare and styling products: Featuring an array of haircare and styling essentials, this subscription box helps subscribers maintain healthy, gorgeous locks and experiment with new hairstyles.

  4. Men’s grooming essentials: Designed for men, this box delivers grooming products such as shaving creams, razors, and skincare items, catering to the unique needs of the male personal style.

  5. Fragrance samples and discovery sets: This box offers a curated assortment of fragrance samples, allowing subscribers to discover and explore new scents each month.

  6. Nail care and nail art items: Subscribers receive various nail care products, tools, and nail art accessories to create unique and stunning manicures at home.

  7. Natural and organic beauty products: Focused on clean and eco-friendly ingredients, this subscription box features a selection of natural and organic beauty products that promote both personal and environmental health.

  8. Travel-sized beauty products: Ideal for on-the-go beauty enthusiasts, this box delivers travel-sized skincare, makeup, and hair care products to accommodate subscribers’ busy lifestyles.

  9. Beauty tools and accessories: This subscription box includes a variety of beauty tools, such as brushes, sponges, and tweezers, to help subscribers elevate their beauty routine.

  10. At-home spa day essentials: Subscribers receive luxurious bath and body products, face masks, and other pampering items to create a relaxing, spa-like experience at home.

  11. Cruelty-free and vegan beauty products: Catering to ethically-conscious consumers, this box offers a range of cruelty-free and vegan beauty items that are not tested on animals and are free from animal-derived ingredients.

  12. Korean beauty (K-beauty) items: This subscription box features a curated assortment of innovative K-beauty products, including skincare, makeup, and beauty tools, to introduce subscribers to the popular Korean beauty trend.

  13. Niche and indie beauty brands: Subscribers can discover unique and under-the-radar beauty products from niche and independent brands with this subscription box, allowing them to explore new and innovative items.

  14. Luxury beauty and skincare products: This box delivers a selection of high-end beauty and skincare products from luxury brands, offering subscribers an indulgent and premium beauty experience.

  15. Clean and non-toxic makeup and skincare: Focused on safety and efficacy, this subscription box features clean and non-toxic makeup and skincare products that are free from harmful chemicals and irritants.

Apparel and Accessories Subscription Boxes

  1. Personalized styling services: This subscription box offers a curated selection of clothing and accessories, handpicked by personal stylists based on subscribers’ style preferences and body types.

  2. Socks and hosiery subscription: Subscribers receive a variety of stylish and high-quality socks and hosiery items, adding fun and flair to their wardrobe-essentials.

  3. Jewellery and accessories: This subscription box delivers a curated assortment of fashionable jewellery and accessories, allowing subscribers to update and enhance their accessory collection.

  4. Ethical and sustainable fashion: Focused on environmental and social responsibility, this box features ethically-made and sustainable clothing items that promote eco-conscious fashion choices.

  5. Activewear and workout clothes: Subscribers receive a selection of stylish and functional activewear and workout clothing, perfect for fitness enthusiasts and active lifestyles.

  6. Plus-size fashion and accessories: This subscription box offers a curated assortment of fashionable plus-size clothing and accessories, catering to the unique needs of plus-size subscribers.

  7. Lingerie and loungewear: Subscribers receive luxurious and comfortable lingerie and loungewear items, perfect for relaxing at home or elevating their intimate apparel collection.

  8. Men’s fashion and accessories: Designed for men, this box delivers a variety of stylish clothing items and accessories, keeping male subscribers’ wardrobes fresh and up-to-date.

  9. Vintage clothing and accessories: This subscription box offers a curated selection of unique vintage clothing and accessories, allowing subscribers to incorporate one-of-a-kind pieces into their wardrobes.

  10. Handmade and artisanal apparel: Subscribers receive exclusive, handmade clothing and accessories crafted by skilled artisans, supporting small businesses and promoting unique fashion.

  11. Speciality shoe subscriptions: This subscription box delivers a variety of fashionable and high-quality shoes tailored to subscribers’ style preferences and shoe sizes.

  12. Seasonal wardrobe updates: Subscribers receive a curated selection of clothing and accessories perfect for each season, ensuring their wardrobe remains fresh and on-trend throughout the year.

  13. Custom-tailored clothing: This subscription box offers subscribers the luxury of custom-tailored clothing items, providing a perfect fit and personalized wardrobe.

  14. Niche fashion items (e.g., gothic, boho, or steampunk): Catering to specific fashion subcultures, this box delivers a selection of niche clothing and accessories, allowing subscribers to express their unique style preferences.

  15. Maternity and nursing clothing: Designed for expecting and new mothers, this subscription box offers comfortable, stylish, and functional maternity and nursing clothing to accommodate their changing bodies.

Hobbies and Interests Subscription Boxes

  1. Book and literary-themed items: This box delivers a selection of books and literature-inspired items, such as bookmarks, bookish accessories, and author-themed merchandise, perfect for avid readers and book enthusiasts.

  2. Craft and DIY projects: Subscribers receive various craft supplies and DIY project kits, inspiring creativity and hands-on learning through engaging activities.

  3. Gardening and plant care supplies: This box offers gardening tools, seeds, plants, and care guides, perfect for both novice and experienced gardeners looking to cultivate their green thumbs.

  4. Board games and tabletop gaming accessories: Featuring an assortment of board games, card games, and tabletop gaming accessories, this subscription box caters to gaming enthusiasts and offers hours of entertainment.

  5. Art supplies and creative materials: This box delivers a curated selection of art supplies and materials, encouraging subscribers to explore and develop their artistic skills and creativity.

  6. Geek and fandom merchandise: Subscribers receive an assortment of collectables, apparel, and accessories inspired by popular movies, TV shows, video games, and comics, perfect for fans and collectors.

  7. Outdoor adventure and camping gear: This box offers a variety of outdoor adventure essentials and camping gear, helping subscribers prepare for and enjoy their nature excursions.

  8. Music-themed items and instruments: Subscribers receive a selection of music-themed items, such as instruments, sheet music, and accessories, perfect for musicians and music enthusiasts.

  9. Cooking and kitchen gadgets: This box delivers a variety of innovative and useful kitchen gadgets, tools, and cooking accessories, inspiring subscribers to elevate their culinary skills.

  10. Photography accessories and tools: Catering to photography enthusiasts, this box offers a range of photography tools, accessories, and resources to help subscribers capture stunning images.

  11. Travel-inspired items and accessories: This box features travel-inspired products and accessories, such as luggage tags, travel journals, and destination-themed items, perfect for wanderlust-driven subscribers.

  12. Sports and fitness gear: Subscribers receive a selection of sports equipment, fitness accessories, and workout gear, supporting their active lifestyles and athletic pursuits. A fitness box is an ever popular choice.

  13. Science and educational kits: This box delivers engaging and educational science kits, experiments, and resources, perfect for curious minds and lifelong learners.

  14. Eco-friendly and sustainable living products: Focused on promoting environmentally-conscious lifestyles, this box offers a variety of eco-friendly products and sustainable living essentials.

  15. Pet care and accessories: This subscription box caters to pet owners by delivering pet care items, toys, treats, and accessories, ensuring subscribers’ furry friends are pampered and well-cared for.

Home and Living Subscription Boxes

  1. Home décor and accents: This collection features stylish and unique home décor items and accents that elevate and personalize living spaces, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

  2. Organization and storage solutions: Subscribers receive practical and aesthetically pleasing organization and storage solutions that help declutter their homes and maintain a tidy living environment.

  3. Candles and home fragrance items: A variety of scented candles, diffusers, and other home fragrance items are included to create a soothing and relaxing ambience in subscribers’ homes.

  4. Kitchen and dining essentials: This assortment offers functional and stylish kitchen tools, utensils, and dining accessories that enhance subscribers’ cooking and dining experiences.

  5. Bed and bath products: Subscribers receive comfortable and luxurious bed linens, towels, and bath accessories that transform their bedrooms and bathrooms into relaxing sanctuaries.

  6. Stationery and office supplies: Featuring an array of elegant stationery and practical office supplies, this collection caters to subscribers who value organization and productivity in their workspaces.

  7. Cleaning and home maintenance products: This selection offers a range of cleaning supplies and home maintenance tools, helping subscribers maintain a clean and well-kept living environment.

  8. Smart home gadgets and devices: Subscribers receive innovative smart home gadgets and devices that make their homes more efficient, connected, and convenient.

  9. Sustainable and eco-friendly home items: This collection focuses on environmentally-conscious products and sustainable living essentials that promote eco-friendly lifestyles.

  10. DIY home improvement projects: Subscribers receive DIY project ideas, instructions, and materials to enhance and personalize their homes through hands-on home improvement tasks.

  11. Gardening and outdoor living products: This assortment offers gardening tools, plants, and outdoor living accessories that help subscribers create beautiful and functional outdoor spaces.

  12. Handmade and artisanal home goods: Subscribers receive unique, handcrafted home goods made by skilled artisans, supporting small businesses and adding character to their living spaces.

  13. Seasonal and holiday decorations: This collection features festive and seasonal decorations that help subscribers celebrate holidays and special occasions throughout the year.

  14. Customizable home accessories: Subscribers receive personalized home accessories that can be customized to their preferences, creating one-of-a-kind items that reflect their style.

  15. Art and wall décor: This assortment offers a variety of art pieces and wall décor items that add personality and visual interest to subscribers’ living spaces.

Kids and Parenting Boxes

  1. Educational toys and games: This collection features engaging and age-appropriate toys and games that promote learning, cognitive development, and creative play for children.

  2. Children’s books and literacy materials: Subscribers receive a selection of children’s books and literacy materials that foster a love of reading and support early language development.

  3. Arts and crafts activities for kids: This assortment offers a variety of fun and creative arts and crafts projects designed specifically for children, encouraging hands-on learning and artistic expression.

  4. Baby care essentials and products: Subscribers receive a range of baby care essentials, including diapers, wipes, and baby-friendly skincare items, providing support and convenience for new parents.

  5. Clothing and accessories for children: This collection features stylish and comfortable clothing items and accessories for children, ensuring that they are well-dressed and fashionable.

  6. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning kits: Subscribers receive educational STEM kits that promote hands-on learning and exploration in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics for children.

  7. Parenting resources and support materials: This assortment offers a variety of resources, such as books, guides, and online materials, providing valuable information and support for parents navigating the challenges of raising children.

What makes a successful subscription box?

So, what makes a successful subscription service?

There are many monthly boxes that are making a good profit.

Some people purchase a three-month gift subscription as they see it as a great gift for a loved one.

The very best subscription boxes are those that have customers automatically renewing their subscription service time and time again.

Each month, a box filled with goodies arrives at the front door and themed boxes keep each customer happy.

Here are a few examples of very successful subscription boxes that always have customers coming back for more:

Examples of Successful Subscription Boxes

Atlas Coffee Club

The Atlas Coffee Club offer subscribers the opportunity to try coffee from all around the world. Their box works because there are so many coffee lovers – so there are always new customers waiting.

With so many flavours and styles of coffee, there’s always going to be a plethora of new customers waiting in the wings for Atlas Coffee Club.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club took the world by storm with their monthly deliveries of razors for men. In the last two decades, men have become more concerned with grooming and self-care.

Their monthly subscriptions take care of a simple need for customers – and it’s really worked. Their infamous advertorial video is one of the best examples of video marketing I’ve ever seen.

Primal Wine Club

Wine clubs are a very popular subscription-based model, because there will always be a plethora of customers out there.

You have to be a little careful with a wine club, or indeed any alcohol for that matter – because there are some laws associated with selling alcohol and licenses you may need to obtain.

It’s worth it though – you’ll never fail to find customers to join a wine club. Primal Wine Club have certainly taken the world by storm.

Book of the Month

Book subscription boxes work because there are so many millions of books out there and readers are keen to keep up with the latest titles and trends.

Perhaps the best thing about this particular subscription model is that you don’t need to come up with anything original.

That means you can place all of your focus on building and marketing your subscription services – making book subscription boxes a positive choice.

Candy Club

Candy Club is a monthly delivery of sweets. I mean – that is a fun box, right?

You don’t have to be a child to appreciate it. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth and a relatively small amount of work to source the particular sweets each month.

Candy Club offer a modern twist on family classics, so it’s a popular gift box choice too.


Could you resist an ice cream subscription? Imagine tubs of ice cream arriving at your door monthly.

McConnell’s is a really popular brand of ice-cream (which actually I’ve never heard of because I live in a different country.)

Nevertheless, their ice cream seems to be undeniably popular with its customers.

Breo Box

Breo Box offer its customers a brand-new tech gift each month. This could be a surprise accessory or a gadget that its users would love. Past boxes include cup warmers and drones.

Buster Box

If you’re a dog owner then you might be interested in a box subscription from Buster Box. They’ve made a ton of money by sending out treats and toys for dog owners.

So, as you can see from the examples above, whether it’s fresh flowers, food with recipe cards, or sending the ‘book of the month’ – each of these niche brands has a large and loyal customer base.

New boxes will never be a problem because there’s an endless supply of high-quality materials to serve the needs of their customers.

Each new box is exciting for the customer and provides the subscription box business owner with recurring revenue each month.

Marketing Your Subscription Service

I’m currently writing a brand new article on marketing your subscription box. I’ll have it up soon.


Subscription boxes offer a unique opportunity to cater to specific niches and interests, providing customers with a convenient and exciting way to discover new products.

With these 97 subscription box ideas, you can create a successful business that appeals to a wide range of customers.

Remember to identify your target market, research your competition, curate high-quality products, and offer excellent customer service to ensure the success of your subscription box business.

Good luck, and happy box creation!


Q1: How do I decide on the right subscription box idea?

A: Consider your interests, expertise, and the target audience you want to serve. Research the market to identify potential niches and opportunities.

Choose an idea that aligns with your passion and has a demand in the market.

Q2: How do I source products for my subscription box?

A: Establish partnerships with wholesalers, manufacturers, or local artisans to source products for your box.

Look for high-quality items that fit your niche and can be purchased at a reasonable cost, allowing you to maintain profitability.

Q3: How do I price my subscription box?

A: Consider the cost of the products, packaging, shipping, and any marketing expenses.

Determine a price point that covers these costs and allows for a reasonable profit margin while remaining competitive in the market.

Q4: How can I market and promote my subscription box?

A: Utilise social media platforms, influencer partnerships, email marketing, content marketing, and paid advertising to reach your target audience.

Offer promotions, discounts, or referral programs to incentivise new subscribers.

Q5: How do I retain subscribers and reduce churn?

A: Offer excellent customer service, consistently curate high-quality products, and seek customer feedback to continually improve your subscription box.

Consider offering loyalty rewards or exclusive perks to long-term subscribers to encourage retention.

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